Creation of the Coral Nurture Program was made possible through initial funding by the Australian and Queensland Governments “Boosting coral abundance” challenge, as both Feasibility (2018-2019) and subsequent Proof-of-Concept (2019-2020) phases. Our current phase of the Coral Nurture Program activity (2021-2024) is directly funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and in partnership with Reeftip drinks Co. for propagating and planting. Operations in 2021 were also supported through a Government stimulus package (Activate Queensland) for tourism recovery.

Our specific research activities are supported through various grants, including ROLEX and L’Oreal, and on-going operations rely on donations and sustained financing initiatives. A critical framework is the immense in-kind investment by the tourism partners, as part of day-to-day operations on the reef, as well as both the stakeholder and research teams for time spent delivering our goals.

Anyone wishing to support activity and/or partner with the Coral Nurture Program can contact us directly.

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