The number of weeks the Coral Nurture Program has been operational.


The number of Great Barrier Reef sites currently engaged with the program.


The number of corals planted through the Coral Nurture Program to date.


Diversity of corals planted (total number of species) through the program.


The number of coral nursery platforms established on the reef.


Total number of corals currently in nurseries on the reef.


Diversity of corals (total number of species) currently in nurseries.


Number of staff and volunteer planting hours in the program.

Hastings Reef

Nursery - Yes / Frame Count - 10

Outplanting - No

Outplanting at 3 sites of same location (1770, split bommie, stepping stones)

Low Isles Reef

Nursery - Yes / Frame Count - 3

Outplanting - Yes

Outplanting at same site avoiding exclusion zones for all activities.

Mackay Reef

Nursery - Yes / Frame Count - 10

Outplanting - Yes

Within 3000 sq/m. Named as two sites by operator.

Upolu Reef

Nursery - Yes / Frame Count - 8

Outplanting - No

Out-planting at three places within the same location (Wonderwall, Jaws, Aquarium)

Moore reef

Nursery - Yes / Frame Count - 2

Outplanting - Yes

Opal Reef

Nursery - Yes / Frame Count - 30

Outplanting - Yes

Closest to BM, outplanting within that location

Tongue Reef

Nursery - No

Outplanting - Yes

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