Coordinating Team

Assoc Prof Dave Suggett.

Dr Emma Camp

John Edmondson

Lorna Howlett

Operator Partners

This program is funded through the Australian and Queensland Government Coral Abundance Challenge. Stage 1 was a “Proof of Feasibility” phase which tested materials and techniques between June 2018 and February 2019 at a single reef (Opal Reef, Wavelength). Stage 2 is a “Proof of Concept” stage assessing the up-scalability of the approach to multiple reef sites and practitioner circumstances.

GBRMPA guidelines recommend limiting the scope of research during a “Proof of Concept” stage as a precautionary approach, hence the program is limited in scale during the period June 2019 to June 2020. Five tourism industry partners have joined forces to undertake the next 12-month stage at five different reefs. If successful the program can then be extended to additional participants and locations.

As well as partnering with the Coral Nurture Program, each of these tour operators also runs additional conservation, sustainability, research, education, or community engagement activities of their own.


Coral Nurture Program About Us

A core objective of this program is to introduce coral planting into localised stewardship and adaptation. This is to help ensure sustainable reef ecotourism and promote education on the major threats to coral reefs and possible solutions, which involve the whole community.

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